Headquartered in Chicago, IRIS was founded in 2010 with the vision to provide the best in pharmaceutical consulting services for all the Americas. IRIS supports its clients in order to transform regional ideas and concepts into local tactics (Globlocal®).

Through three Fundamental Principles: Integrity, Creativity and Agility, IRIS has had excellent growth thanks to its personalized approach and development with its clients.

Our Vision 2012


In 2012, the vision of working for a world where health products and services are of high quality and accessible to everyone... is born, where Healthcare is more humane. That is why IRIS offers high quality services and ensures that you work with business partners who offer high quality products throughout the distribution chain. We believe in fair prices, effective service, professionalism, and excellent quality standards for a thriving and sustained growth.

Distribution 2016


We started our commercialization and distribution operation in Ecuador in 2016. We have a trained team and specialized medical visit with the highest standards of distribution and marketing. We work to ensure the satisfaction of our clients thanks to processes focused on meeting rigorous international standards.

  • We have coverage throughout the country
  • We are in the main pharmacy chains


In IRIS GLOBAL we are grateful to actively contribute to social, economic and environmental development; we promote in a clear and timely manner business innovation to obtain in an adequate way the competitiveness and sustainability of the business that we are developing.


We generate opportunities for improvement and growth through community work, organization, planning and development of leaders focused on providing support to the entire community. IRIS GLOBAL works and supports different communities and programs of Social Responsibility in the Americas.